Courtney has been riding & showing horses for twenty years. She has spent many years giving lessons as well as training American Saddlebreds. Her background helps bring an unparalleled knowledge of horses to her photography. She knows what angle and timing will help provide the best possible image.

Courtney has served as the official photographer at shows across the country. She has also been requested by various farms for personalized on-location shoots. Her work has been published in The National Horseman, Saddle & Bridle, Saddle Horse Report, The Arabian Horse Times, and The Morgan Connection to name a few.

Courtney received an Associates of Applied Sciences in Visual Communications with an emphasis on photography. She also boasts nearly twenty years photographing horses. "I have had a camera in my hands at shows nearly as long as I can remember. A lot of my education was trial and error until I had more formal training in school. However, I pride myself on knowing my subject and how to compose a shot so that the final product will highlight the subjects strengths."

She also donates her time as a photographer for Small Dog Rescue of MN.
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